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About Vijit

Vijit S. Chahar, PhD, Esq. is an experienced, multi-jurisdictional attorney licensed to practice law in India and the State of New York.

He is passionate about helping clients to navigate areas of US and Indian law that impact their cross-border businesses and is driven by a strong commitment to growing the economic relationship between the two countries he calls home.

Vijit has advised US and Indian clients ranging from companies, individuals, political parties, national trade associations, international NGOs and startups on a variety of legal issues including corporate formation, corporate governance, raising capital, foreign exchange regulations, contracts, accountability and governance.

Prior to moving to the United States, Vijit practiced law at the Supreme Court of India at the chambers of Mr. K.K. Venugopal, the current Attorney General of India. As second chair, he was involved in litigating a wide range of high stakes disputes before the Supreme Court involving company law, securities fraud, infrastructure development, real estate, democratic elections, international trade between India and the US, and claims over trust properties spread across India, USA and France.

As a consultant to the Independent Evaluation Office of the Government of India, he headed the evaluation of India's largest public works and employment program and was the principal author of a report that was presented to Prime Minister Modi, debated in Parliament and largely adopted by the Indian government leading to significant governmental reforms.

At a Legal Officer at the Securities and Exchange Board of India, Vijit worked as part of a six member team responsible for overseeing trading in over $300 billion in share capital. He personally identified and investigated over 30 cases ranging from violations of laws regulating mergers and acquisitions to market manipulation schemes. He was the point person for the approval of surveillance clearance required for all public offerings and major activities in Indian securities markets.

He has also served as a Senior Researcher at the United Nations Development Program.

Vijit holds a Master of Laws degree from the University of Pennsylvania Law School along with the Wharton Business and Law Certificate from the Wharton School where he studied corporate finance, financial accounting, statistics and negotiations. In India, he received the B.A. and LLB (Hons.) degrees from the National Law School of India University, Bangalore, the country's premier law school. He did a judicial clerkship at the Supreme Court of India under Justice P.P. Naolelar and served on the editorial board of law reviews in both Indian and US universities.

In 2014, Vijit was awarded doctoral degrees in Law and Economics by the University of Bologna (Italy), the University of Hamburg (Germany) and the Erasmus University Rotterdam (The Netherlands) for his research in corporate governance and public choice, conducted under the aegis of a European Union Excellence Programme and was the recipient of a European Commission merit scholarship.

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