The Law Offices of Vijit S. Chahar

New York | New Delhi

NRIs (Non-Resident Indians)

A large population of successful individuals of Indian origins maintain and cherish their family and property interests that lie across national borders — in India and the United States.

We provide cross-border representation that allows our clients to protect and advance these interests while also having their attorney available, in-person, to fully answer their questions and provide legal advice.

We work on issues that are personal and important to our clients. By working closely with them, our firm avoids the uncertainty and lack of communication that can result from engaging lawyers across time-zones without creating a personal relationship. Our presence in New York allows us to understand your requirements, business and finances to provide timely advice, often before you know you need it.

We help our personal clients with legal advice for these services:

    • Investing in Indian businesses and startups

    • Moving proceeds of inheritance or property sales across US-India borders

    • Charitable giving to Indian organizations and alma maters or setting up philanthropic trusts in India

    • Guidance in dispute resolution and coordinating with local counsel for litigation