Vijit S. Chahar, PhD, Esq.

Attorney | New York

About Vijit

Vijit S. Chahar is a New York based attorney.

He advises US businesses on a broad range of corporate and business laws. He also helps foreign companies to set up and manage their US operations. 

He has advised startups, corporations, governments and international NGOs. 

Vijit has experience working as a Supreme Court litigator, UN senior researcher and securities markets regulator. He has lived and worked in the United States, India, The Netherlands, Germany and Italy.

Latest articles and guides

It is not enough for your lawyers to know the law.

Entrepreneurs need to internalize some important legal concepts to make better decisions and avoid serious trouble. 

If you are an attorney, you can enroll for 'Advising Early-Stage Startups', an NY and California accredited CLE co-taught by me at Thomson Reuters West or the New York City Bar Association.

You can also find my older CLE courses on 'Single Member LLCs — Piercing the Corporate Veil' and 'Working with Co-Counsel' at the New York City Bar Association.

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Please send me an email at or call +1 (212) 381 6050.

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